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Micro Encoder


"Micro Encoder" is space-saving designs.

μDD motor


"μDD motor" is ultra small direct drive motor.(AC servo motor)

About MTL

MTL is a specialist manufacturer of rotary encoders. Our business includes the planning, design, manufacture, and sale of rotary encoders. We are able to respond to all of the needs of our customers including development of new products and modifications to existing products.

About MTL

MTL's PolicyManufacture

MTL's Policy

01MTL's Policy

MTL provides service in a high-quality from a planning/design to manufacturing, sale, support as a professional maker of the rotary encoder.

Knowing about encoders

02Knowing about encoders

Introduce the basic information including utilization example and the kind of rotary encoders.

Challenging to the world's smalles

03Challenging to the world's smallest

The history of MTL's encoder is the history of our challenges on compact designs.

The production system

04The production system

Introduce the MTL's production site where we produce high-quality encoders.

News Release

newsOur homepage has been revamped.
Our homepage has been revamped.


For a quote or information about our agent, please contact us.
If you have our product, please contact us with a photo of the encoder nameplate to identify the model.
※We provide telephone support in Japanese. English / Indonesian by e-mail.