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Contact us with any inquiries by E-mail or using the inquiry form below.
MICROTECH LABORATORY INC. will contact you back.

We are not able to provide a quote or sales for special model numbers.
Please contact the manufacturer of the equipment you are using.

Products model name
 MES-40-512PE3M (2M)
 MAS-36-1024G5 UBE
 MEH-30-600P TP6 F1

NOTICE: Without input your company information that registered to any government organization of your country, we will NOT reply for your inquiry. In addition, we will NOT reply to any suspicious emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any web based emails; therefore, please input your email address that based on your company domain address. Thank you.


For a quote or information about our agent, please contact us.
If you have our product, please contact us with a photo of the encoder nameplate to identify the model.
※We provide telephone support in Japanese. English / Indonesian by e-mail.