MTL's Policy


MTL is a specialist manufacturer of rotary encoders.
Our business includes the planning, design, manufacture, and sale of rotary encoders.
We are able to respond to all of the needs of our customers including development of new
products and modifications to existing products.



  • 小ロット生産、 カスタマイズも柔軟に対応  
    01Small lot Production
    Customization or flexible corresponding / customizing
    It is possible for the customer to produce the special ordered encoder from one device .
    MTL built the stable Production System by having more than 3,000 kinds of encoders with tracking records of 34 years manufacturing experience.
  • 技術力・ノウハウで 多様なエンコーダを開発  
    02Deveiopment of various encoders based upon Advanced Technology and Know-how
    As a specialist of a rotary encoder, MTL designs new customized product based on original dsign concept.
    Listening to the customer's needs in order to resolve the problem.
    Continue to challenge on new design of an encoder to be more light, more thin , more small and higher resolution in every single day.
    We pursue innovative manufacturing and design by various ideas and technologies for extraordinary customer experience!
  • 製品はすべて国内生産で細やかなサポート  
    03All the production are made in Japan with warm support
    Our product is made at the factory in Japan where certified for ISO9001 and ISO14001.
    The production line is controlled for highest quality.

About MTL's rotary encoder


Knowing about encoders
Introduce the basic information including utilization example and the kind of rotary encoders.


Challenging to the World's smallest
The histry of MTL's encoder is the history of our callenges on compact designs.


The production system
Introduce the MTL's production site where we produce high-quality encoders.

マイクロエンコーダの 今後

The future of the microencoder
What is the future of the microencoder which contributes evolution of the digital control ?

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